August 19, 2004

Again With The Frickin' Missile Defense 

posted by Paul Smith @ 1:38 AM
I'm not surprised that it has resurfaced, given the place and time (Boeing plant in Pennsylvania, middle of campaign), but I am pleased that this time, there's an opponent that can take notice and issue a response:
"Despite this administration's near obsession with missile defense, the greatest threat facing our homeland comes from terrorists who would do us harm. In the months preceding 9/11 George W. Bush and his closest advisors were preoccupied with missile defense and their misunderstanding about the threats we face continues to this day. John Kerry believes an effective missile defense is crucial to our national security strategy. But John Kerry also understands the importance of facing our most pressing national security threats while continuing to develop and deploy a national missile defense which we know will work," said Kerry National Security Adviser Rand Beers.

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